Bathtub poems, washing-dishes poems, driving poems, walking poems, planting poems, looking-out window poems. Poems of marriage, giving birth, looking at grey hair. Poems of the ordinary. Moment to moment, day by day, season by season, living into growing older. I had to stay open each day be ready when the hum came-- ready to write. At the end of the year I looked into my hands and saw a poetic journal, a journal with gold at the end: I had found my life.

“Everyday Mermaid traces a journey in the waters of the soul. With language spare as bone, they reveal the daily appearances of insight and grace in a woman’s life. Tuned to the large cycles and the body’s wisdom, from a woman with night visions and animal helpers, these poems leap from the ordinary to the extraordinary.” 

- Gwynn O”Gara, Poet Laureate of Sonoma County